Frequently Asked Questions


    • Will the entitlements be given automatically?
      Entitlements (accruals, such as vacation and sick leave) will be given automatically.


    • Will Compensation be given automatically?
    • Compensation time will be housed in Time and Labor.


    • What is cascading?
    • Cascading is an option in the absence management module to automatically deduct employee submitted absence hours against a prioritized order of an employee’s accrued leave type balances.


    • Is the cascading automatically done?
    • Yes, cascading will be done automatically by the system.


    • If I am an exempt employee how do I take my compensation time?
    • Compensation time is housed in time and labor, contact department for further information.


    • Is unpaid leave of absence like dock in pay?
    • No, if you go on an unpaid leave of absence (LOA) you will not get paid for it and you do not need to submit any type of form since it will be done automatically.


    • When I submit an absence request, will it route for authorization?
    • Yes, it will route to your supervisor for approval.


    • If my absence request goes into unpaid leave, will my paycheck automatically be deducted those hours? 
    • Yes, those hours will be unpaid.


    • Will we need to do reports like before of the employee’s absences, etc? 
    • No, the employees will need to submit their own absence events, and Absence Management will run reports in the background.


    • When I submit an absence request, will it route for authorization?
    •  Yes, it will route to your supervisor for approval.


    • Under the leave types that I can choose from I see Educational Activities, what is it?
    • Educational Activities are 8 hours that you can take for school related activities. If you have children in school between the grades of Pre-K through 12th grade per fiscal year you can select to use this leave in order to attend their events. The time taken for Educational Activities is derived from your Sick Leave balance. It is granted every year, without a carry forward.


    • What is a Floating Holiday? 
    • A floating holiday is currently not used at UTEP. It is implemented into the system because we share the PeopleSoft Environment with other universities that do use Floating Holiday.


    • Can AA’s and employees submit absences? 
    • Yes, every employee that is enrolled into Absence Management will be able to submit their own absences.


    • Do faculty and A&P’s need to submit a time sheet? 
    • Faculty and A&P’s would only be required to submit a time sheet if they need to report an absence event.


    • Will work studies and staff be submitting time sheets? 
    • Students and classified non-exempt will be required to submit time sheets.


    • If I submit an absence event in advance, and then I have to cancel it will I be able to? 
    • Yes, you will be able to cancel and/or make adjustments up to 90 days after the absence. After that, it will have to be adjusted by Absence Management.


    • How will compensation time work, I heard that if you do not use compensation time after a certain amount of time has passed you will lose it?
    • Compensation time is housed in Time and Labor, contact department for further information.


*For any further information you may contact Absence Management at (915) 747-5202.

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