Absence Management


Absence Management

Absence Management is a module within the PeopleSoft application that will allow employees to see their current balances for vacation, sick and personal days at the end of each pay period. In PeopleSoft, Absence Management (AbM) refers to the autotmated processing and tracking of:

• Accrual Entitlement (Monthly Accrual)

•Absence Events (Leave Requests)

Absences must be approved on paper form prior to being submitted electronically on PeopleSoft. Timekeepers will enter reported time and absences through PeopleSoft. The following absence events will be available for request through time sheets.

The information stored in the system will be the authoritative source for absence balances and allow the University to have an accurate estimate of liability for these paid time off categories.

Absence Events

Available to request through Time Sheet


3 days per incident

Educational Activities

(Section 15.4)


8 hours per fiscal year (taken from Sick Leave balance)

Jury Duty

As Needed

Sick Leave

As Earned

Vacation Leave

As Earned

*If the request you are seeking to take is not available here, contact AbM.



Vacation Accrual rates/Maximum Carryover

Employees earn vacation hours each month based on total years of state employment. Vacation leave may be used after six months of continuous state service.

An employee’s vacation balance over the maximum carryover converts to Sick Leave from one fiscal year to the next (September-August). Any hours over the maximum carryover must be used and submitted before August 31st.

The Balance and Absence Events Guide will help you view the most current Balances and accruals for your employees.

Accrual Table


 Absence Management Team

Christopher J. Potter: Human Resource Representative

Julie Saenz: Human Resource Technician


Submission Deadlines for HR Transactions

• Semi- Monthly Deadline #1 will be on the 10th of every month.

• Monthly Deadlines will be on the 15th of every month.

• Semi-Monthly Deadline #2 will be on the 25th of every month.

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